Free Box Tops School Contest Poster

I designed collection posters for our local schools and would love to share them with yours too. Take a look… That’s the beauty of vector files. Make temporary class names to stick below each column. Laminate your poster and use the included bars to stick to the graph. Three different schools in my area needed posters to measure students’ progress more »

Free Vector Pac-Man Game Screen

I created this vector Pac-Man file per the request of my five year old son, who loves “the game with the little bald guys who fight the ghosts.” He was dying for a Pac-Man t-shirt, so here we are! I created it using a smattering of heat transfer vinyl colors and pressing it in multiple layers. This shirt was definitely more »

Lingo Official Wife (Free)

Lingo Stamp

Johnny Lingo is a short video I grew up watching on a regular basis. It’s got a great message about self-worth and the value of the individual. If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it and then you will understand the significance of this freebie file. If you have seen it, scroll past the link below and read on. more »

Hi there, World!

A New Blog is Born I’ve gone and done it, started a blog! I never thought I would say/write those words, yet here we are. This seemed like the best avenue to share some of my work and creations that might be useful to others. Since I majored in integrated studio art, you will likely see a little bit of more »