Free Box Tops School Contest Poster

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Don't forget your box tops!

I designed collection posters for our local schools and would love to share them with yours too. Take a look…

Eight different assets to choose from!

  • Resize to your school's needs.

    That’s the beauty of vector files.

  • Personalize year-to-year

    Make temporary class names to stick below each column.

  • Reusable

    Laminate your poster and use the included bars to stick to the graph.

Three different schools in my area needed posters to measure students’ progress at gathering Box Tops. Because of their different needs, there are three posters with different numbers of columns available. These were all different dimensions of posters, but since they are vector files, you can easily resize them to your needs. Each file includes eight different assets to add to your poster. Make sure to leave a gap below the graph and your assets in order to add the teacher names for each column.



You can choose your own fonts or find the fonts I used here:

Pointy Font

Scribble Scrawl Font

Amatic Font


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Download here. Zip files include .ai and .eps versions.

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