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“the game with the little bald guys who fight the ghosts”J

I created this vector Pac-Man file per the request of my five year old son, who loves “the game with the little bald guys who fight the ghosts.” He was dying for a Pac-Man t-shirt, so here we are! I created it using a smattering of heat transfer vinyl colors and pressing it in multiple layers. This shirt was definitely a labor of love, but it turned out great and we have a happy boy, so it was well worth it!

You’ll notice that J’s shirt is slightly different that the linked file. I let him choose the path that Pac-Man had eaten through as well as the score and the number of lives. (He chose 500 because he is five years old and six lives because he’ll be turning six soon.)

Little side note… I realized later that since Pac-Man had just eaten one of the large dots that (realistically) the ghosts should have changed color, but we decided that since he just barely chomped down on it, it makes the scene that much more dramatic because it’s on the edge of change!

File Info

The font name for the score and lives is “BM space A9” and can be found free for personal use on multiple sites.

If you share this file, please refer your friends back here for the download. Do not sell this file or products made from it as Pac-Man is a trademark.

This will download as a zipped file containing .ai, .eps, .svg, and a .studio3 file for those of you wanting this for use with your Silhouette machine. Get inspired and share your variations and creations with me. I’d love to see what you come up with by using this file!

Download Pac-Man Files

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Stay tuned for lots more freebies! I’ve been designing for years and have just now started a blog, so there are lots more files dying to meet the world!

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  1. not able to use it has some lines that I am not able to get rid of in svg file when up load to cricut design space. any ideas on how to get rid of them?

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