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Remember in that first post when I told you that I love traditional art forms too? Here is an oil painting from about seven years ago, this was the fourth time I had worked with oils. Our assignment was to choose a small object and paint it in detail. While most of the class was painting paperclips and pushpins, I chose Lego Spongebob.

All About Bob

I used to love SpongeBob SquarePants! Now that I’m a little older and more (ahem) mature…I don’t delight in watching SpongeBob as I once did. But, now I have a few kids of my own and they have discovered him, so the love of SpongeBob is alive and well again in my home. And though maybe I should, I do not censor their SpongeBob watching. Uncle Grandpa on the other hand, is one show that is not allowed in my house. Do you have any cartoons you ban from your house? If SpongeBob is one of them, please…don’t tell me.

Funny little story about the recent resurrection of SpongeBob over here at my place… my five year old has horrible morning breath and he is always so offended when no one wants to snuggle up close to him in the mornings. Well, the very first episode of Spongebob is all about bad breath. Patrick and Spongebob think they have “the ugly” and so no one wants to be their friends. Actually though, they just have horrendous breath from a stinky sundae that Spongebob created. Once they clean the stink out of their mouths, everyone wants to be friends with them again. My son always brushes before morning snuggles now. So, it turns out Spongebob really can teach your kids useful lessons about life!

Anyways, back to my initial purpose for this post. This file actually came into existence because my teenage sister needed my help making a unique shirt (like six years ago). She asked me to create a SpongeBob-meets-Batman type logo, which is funny because it is also something my five year old son would ask for now. So, I made the shirt way back then and the file has been getting dusty in the deepest darkest corners of my eight-year-old MacBook. I’ve dug him up and here he is in all his vector glory, ready to be slapped on a shirt in heat transfer vinyl or maybe just turned into a good old fashioned sticker. Whatever you like!

Free Bat-Sponge SVG File

This little download button is what you are here for, right?

Here I am!

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