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Pretty much everyone likes a good cookie, right? There are chocolaty cookies, fruity cookies, creamy cookies, clean-eating cookies, nutty cookies, uncooked cookies, oat cookies, frosted cookies, gluten-free cookies, spiced cookies, crunchy cookies, soft cookies, you get the idea. There is something for everyone in the realm of cookies and if someone tells you otherwise, chances are they are probably lying.

Anyway, Teacher Appreciation Week is here and it is time to help our kids shower the people who dedicate the most time to them outside of the home with love and appreciation! Teachers are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They spend so much time becoming qualified to teach our children and are forever changing and refining lesson plans and content so that our children get quality learning. But most importantly, the majority of teachers teach because they care! So far, my littles have been blessed with teachers who genuinely care about the well-being of the children they interact with on a daily basis. While learning is very important, it is more important to me to know that my child is spending his time in a classroom headed by a teacher who will love and care for him almost as much as I do! I’m sure this dynamic will change a bit as my kids get older, but for now, I love that he sometimes calls me by his teacher’s name and sometimes calls her Mom. I think it speaks volumes about the way she treats her students in the classroom. I know that cookies won’t adequately express my son’s or my appreciation for his teacher, but it is a decent start.

We only have pre-k and kindergarten under our belts as parents, but I know for me, those would be some of the hardest age groups to teach. With three kids five and under at home, I get pretty crazy some days. So, bearing that in mind and knowing that while my five year old can be a darling, he can also be a force to reckon with (especially thrown in a classroom full of 20 other five year olds), I thought that this little phrase might be appropriate…

Get it? Kooky+cookie=kookie! Ok, it’s a bit cheesy, I know. But aren’t all these sorts of puns on tags a bit like a bad dad-joke? I was raised by one of the master dad-jokers, so I guess it only makes sense that some of it rubbed off on me. If you like a cheesy pun and love your kid’s teacher, then this might be good appreciation gift for you to give too! So find out their favorite cookies and slap this tag on a box of those bad-boys.

You will find a link to the printable PDF file below. There are three to a sheet (since you probably have multiple teachers you appreciate) and they are meant to be cut out along the thin black lines. A vacant space is left below the text so that your child can write a message and/or sign it. And remember, academic teachers aren’t the only ones we need to appreciate. These are great for coaches, tutors, religious teachers, joy school teachers, etc. Think outside the box and enjoy sharing this free printable with all the teachers you appreciate!

Download Here

This is where the text for the front of your card should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

Here you go!

Happy Teacher
Appreciation Week!

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Mint Oreos are my weakness, what cookie is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Love the little pun. I am not a big mint fan but regular Oreos and my mother-in-laws chocolate ship cookies are my favorites.

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