“Extra” Great Teacher -Free Printable

Here is a teacher appreciation printable that is simple, yet adorable. And it’s not another knick-knack that will sit in the classroom for twenty-years and gather dust. I’ve heard from a lot of teachers that some of their favorite gifts are the ones that don’t stick around. Getting plastic apples from 20+ kids probably gets old pretty fast.

The good news is, this cute label can be slapped on a three pack of Extra gum that likely won’t stick around too long. Have your child write their teacher’s name at the top and sign it or write a little note in the space below the text. This is a great gift if you are doing one small gift a day for Teacher Appreciation Week or if you want to make it a little more special and attach a gift card to it. Teachers love gift cards!

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This file includes one blue and one green version of the card so you can color coordinate it with gum the gum flavors. (Click the photos above to order from Amazon if you are in a pinch!)

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