“I’m With Her” Free Statue of Liberty Illustration

I’m With Her!

Internet friends, my three-year-old is OBSESSED with the Statue of Liberty. He carts around a small replica of her all over the place. We went to a playgroup at the park today and once we got there, guess what I found stashed away in the basket of his little sister’s stroller. Yup, he had helped Lovely Lady Liberty stow away. And yes, he was indeed wearing his new shirt featuring his favorite woman, a.k.a. “The Liberty of Statue.”

When your kid is this obsessed with something, and you have a body full of crafting bones, it is only natural to create a useable item featuring said obsession. I see it all the time in my favorite crafting groups on Facebook. (Click here to see one of them.) Moms just love to make things they know their kids will love!


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This shirt was supposed to be for his birthday in a few weeks, but with Independence Day coming up, I had to give it to him now. (Instead of the shirt, he’ll be getting a bunch of Statue of Liberty kids’ books. Shhh…don’t tell him!) The moment I showed it to him, he ripped off the shirt he was already wearing and held out his hands for his new one. I’m starting to think maybe I should have just made several of these since he is going to want to wear it 24/7. Alas, small child, all things in moderation.

I hope that a random three-year-old’s present fixation has worked to your benefit and that this free file will come in handy for you! I mean who doesn’t love the Statue of Liberty? She represents so many great values and ideals. And that copper patina, yowza! She has been working on that lovely shade of green for 131 years! This little tribute to her doesn’t do her justice, but I hope you (or your child) will appreciate it nonetheless. Happy Independence Day!


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