Fry’s First Fidget Challenge

Fry’s First Fidget Challenge

Fry’s First Fidget Challenge takes a new spin on helping children master Fry’s first 1000 sight words. If you aren’t familiar with Fry’s Instant Words, it is a list of 1000 commonly used words compiled by Dr. Edward B. Fry. It is similar to the Dolch list, but includes more words and is a more modern compilation. These words comprise up to 90% of everyday reading material. Many schools have students master these words to make their reading experiences more smooth as they progress into higher level reading.

Since this list of words is so useful to learn, I decided to take those blasted fidget spinners and make them functional in this endeavor. The idea is to have the child set the fidget spinner down at the top of the page, spin it as hard and fast as they can and then read as many of the words on the page as possible before the fidget spinner stops. Ideally, you’ll use a clean and smoothly moving spinner for this so that they can read more than just a few words. Our little people don’t keep them very clean, so we have a designated reading spinner. My son learned the hard way with his Batman spinner that they don’t react well when left on the lawn overnight to be watered. It hasn’t spun the same since!

So, make that fidget spinner do more! Have your child practice reading their sight words with these fun and free pages! Place the fidget spinner on the circle, spin it, and read! It usually takes my son a few flicks of the spinner to complete a page, though this is unique to the quality of the spinner and the reader’s level. Mix it up by reading the list backward, or only reading odd or even numbered words. Or maybe color code the words. Get creative and have fun!

If you have a child who will love these fidget pages, check out our children’s activity pages as well!

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