Free Christmas Printables

names of the reindeer in a minimal typography format

Free Christmas Printables

Clearly, I was not at all on the ball for Thanksgiving and am a little later making a presence for the Christmas season than I should be. Then again, if you consider that commercial stores have their Christmas merchandise out in September, I am WAY late. We are just going to look on the bright side and celebrate the fact that I didn't miss Christmas altogether!

Without further ado, here are the 2017 Christmas printables! I hope that you catch on to the references to two of my favorite Christmas movies. If not, those specific prints are probably not for you. But fear not, there are others! 

You've probably noticed by now that I like to throw in some minimalist typography prints. I am a sucker for these. This time around, Santa's reindeer won the slot for that print. Most people know reindeer number seven and eight as Donner and Blitzen, but did you know that the original names are Dunder and Blixem? I went old school with this print and used those original names even though the print includes the youngest and most fantastic reindeer of all. It's subtle, but there is an homage to that big red nose in this print.

Three of the prints will work as is, but I created them with the intention of foiling them. These prints include "You serious, Clark?," "NOEL," and an "O Holy Night" print that is in the PDF file but isn't displayed here. Now, if you don't know what foiling is, you are missing out! It's the most wonderful way to bling up a print and make it shiny and dazzling. And that is something that most Christmas decorations need, right?

To foil a design at home, you will need a toner printer or purchased toner copies, transfer foil, and a home laminator with a 3mm setting. I use Deco Foil because of their large selection of colors, and I purchased an AmazonBasics laminator for under $20. (Please note: I am no longer an Amazon affiliate, so I don't get anything for linking you to products.) Place the transfer foil (foil side down) on your toner copy, lay a plain sheet of printer paper over the top to keep everything sandwiched in place and to keep your laminator clean, and then run it through your laminator on the 3mm setting. Peel off the foil transfer sheet and voila! Easy, right?

Because paper has some porous irregularities, it is not unusual for the foil not to adhere perfectly. That is part of the charm though. Just use the smoothest paper you can and it will generally apply pretty evenly. Also, BEWARE, foiling can be addicting. Once you do it and realize how easy it really is, you will want to put foil on everything possible! Whether you choose to foil any of these or not, I hope they will add some joy and Christmas cheer to your home. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Learn how to Foil

  • Place the transfer foil on your toner copy
  • Lay a plain sheet of printer paper over the top to keep everything sandwiched in place and to keep your laminator clean
  • Run it through your laminator on the 3mm setting
  • Peel off the foil transfer sheet and enjoy

Foiling isn't always foolproof

Foiling isn't always foolproof. I had this brilliant idea to print my "O Holy Night" design on black paper then foil it in silver so that it looked like shining stars. In theory, this was a great idea, but the only black paper I own is a package of scrapbooking paper. I was thrilled that I had this on hand, but when I ran it through the laminator, almost NO foil stuck to it. I realized that this paper is extremely porous. It has a much rougher texture than the regular white cardstock I usually use and sadly, is useless for this particular application. I tried again with gold foil on a white sheet, and that didn't work very well either. I'm not sure if it was that particular piece of paper or foil, or if my printer didn't lay down enough toner, or what. I already had my two perfect prints for my frames, so I quit fiddling with it and moved on. My point is that sometimes you just have to make some mistakes before you get the ideal outcome. So, don't be afraid to try, because every mistake is a lesson learned!

Vector Versions

Interested in free SVG versions of these for crafting with? You're in luck!

Download the Free Printables Here

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