Free Christmas SVGs 2017

Free Christmas SVGs 2017

I'm happy to say that the 2017 Christmas designs are finally here! As with all of my seasonal designs, I create them with printable for wall galleries in mind, but I always share the SVG versions too. And when you have the vector versions, the possibilities for applications are endless!

One very popular crafting project right now that will work great for these types of files is farmhouse style signs. You can do these on wood or canvas, and they are pretty simple once you learn the process. There are oodles of tutorials on YouTube for these projects. I haven't done many of these myself, but since my husband has a garage full of woodworking tools, I really should take advantage of that! 

Other fun applications for these Christmas designs are pajamas, shirts, bags, mugs, cups, tumblers, magnets, cards, and ornaments. Please share with me any other creative ideas you might come up with. I love to see what others create using my designs!

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8x10 printable versions are available too.

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