Free Printable Summer Electronics Checklist

Electronics Checklist in Frame

Free Printable Summer Electronics Checklist

Summer is here, and your kids will lose the whole break to screens if you aren't prepared! Download this free printable summer electronics checklist to make sure they keep up with their daily chores and summer learning before they indulge in screen time. For simple day after day use, run it through a laminator or frame it behind glass.  Then have your child use a dry erase marker to check off completed tasks. This way, you only have to print it once!

I created these for my own kids, and my six-year-old son was so excited that he had accomplished most of his list... only to be devastated when he realized he had to start from scratch the next day. So, be clear with your kids from the start that this is a list for them to complete daily.

Make it work for you

We had a few specific guidelines for our kids. I stipulated that the task of helping Mom or Dad with something gets to be the parents' choice, not the child's. They must help us out without complaining about the selected task. Also, their 20 minutes of art can be creating something out of Legos, they just have to show me their creation and tell me about it. I didn't include a set time for outside play because (at our house at least) it's never been a problem to get the kids to play outside for a reasonable amount of time.

This has been a great tool to get the kids to help around the house. It also helps limit screen time a ton because they don't always want it bad enough to complete their list. And that is each child's choice. They deal with the consequence of not getting to join in on a family movie night or whatever the case may be. They learn about the ramifications of their actions (or lack thereof) and are motivated to be prepared in the future by doing their chores.

The PDF download contains both the magenta and blue versions of the checklist. Hopefully, this simple list helps you and your children as much as it has helped our family get our summer started on the right foot. Best of luck! 

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