Free Vector Summer Designs

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Free Vector Summer Designs

This is for all of my fellow artsy-craftsy people out there with access to vinyl cutting machines. The summer prints I created are cute and functional by themselves, but think of all the things you can do with the vector version in your hands! Have at it and please share photos of your creations with me, I love to see where my files end up! And if you haven’t already gotten the 8×10 printables file, you can find it down below. Happy summer!

(Note: I did not include a vector version of the print with the watercolor sunglasses. All the designs in the images in this page are included in the SVG file.)

UPDATE: If you downloaded this earlier and Silhouette Studio said it was the wrong file type, I apologize. The file is now an SVG 1.0 (not SVG 1.1) and will work now! Megan

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Summer Gallery Wall Printables- Free

Megan : May 26, 2017 4:55 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Printables

Has that balmy sunshine reached your area yet? It’s really trying to push out the cold and the wind here in Idaho. I think my son got three days of wearing shorts in at school this spring. But school is out and summer is going to come plowing in any day now and I couldn’t be more happy! In fact, I’m so happy, that I took this rainy day to skip my laundry chores and create some fun summer prints for all those gallery walls in need of something fresh. (Especially since mine are still sporting their St. Patrick’s Day wear.)

If you’re in search of some whimsical gallery pieces, look no further. (OK, look a little further or else you won’t make it to the download link.) Quite possibly the most delightful thing about these 8×10 printables are that they are 100% free! So go ahead and download them and print away!

There are a few different versions of the “Just Chill” print because I just couldn’t decide which version I liked best. I hope these little beauties brighten up your home a bit!


Images of all of the SUMMER GALLERY WALL PRINTABLES- FREEDownload Here
Want the SVG Version? Find it Here

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“Extra” Great Teacher -Free Printable

Megan : April 30, 2017 9:56 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Uncategorized

Here is a teacher appreciation printable that is simple, yet adorable. And it’s not another knick-knack that will sit in the classroom for twenty-years and gather dust. I’ve heard from a lot of teachers that some of their favorite gifts are the ones that don’t stick around. Getting plastic apples from 20+ kids probably gets old pretty fast.

The good news is, this cute label can be slapped on a three pack of Extra gum that likely won’t stick around too long. Have your child write their teacher’s name at the top and sign it or write a little note in the space below the text. This is a great gift if you are doing one small gift a day for Teacher Appreciation Week or if you want to make it a little more special and attach a gift card to it. Teachers love gift cards!

(Megan Alayne is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees (at no extra cost to you) by advertising and linking to

This file includes one blue and one green version of the card so you can color coordinate it with gum the gum flavors. (Click the photos above to order from Amazon if you are in a pinch!)

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Download File Here

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Free Teacher Appreciation Cookie Tag

Megan : April 28, 2017 3:55 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Uncategorized

Pretty much everyone likes a good cookie, right? There are chocolaty cookies, fruity cookies, creamy cookies, clean-eating cookies, nutty cookies, uncooked cookies, oat cookies, frosted cookies, gluten-free cookies, spiced cookies, crunchy cookies, soft cookies, you get the idea. There is something for everyone in the realm of cookies and if someone tells you otherwise, chances are they are probably lying.

Anyway, Teacher Appreciation Week is here and it is time to help our kids shower the people who dedicate the most time to them outside of the home with love and appreciation! Teachers are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They spend so much time becoming qualified to teach our children and are forever changing and refining lesson plans and content so that our children get quality learning. But most importantly, the majority of teachers teach because they care! So far, my littles have been blessed with teachers who genuinely care about the well-being of the children they interact with on a daily basis. While learning is very important, it is more important to me to know that my child is spending his time in a classroom headed by a teacher who will love and care for him almost as much as I do! I’m sure this dynamic will change a bit as my kids get older, but for now, I love that he sometimes calls me by his teacher’s name and sometimes calls her Mom. I think it speaks volumes about the way she treats her students in the classroom. I know that cookies won’t adequately express my son’s or my appreciation for his teacher, but it is a decent start.

We only have pre-k and kindergarten under our belts as parents, but I know for me, those would be some of the hardest age groups to teach. With three kids five and under at home, I get pretty crazy some days. So, bearing that in mind and knowing that while my five year old can be a darling, he can also be a force to reckon with (especially thrown in a classroom full of 20 other five year olds), I thought that this little phrase might be appropriate…

Get it? Kooky+cookie=kookie! Ok, it’s a bit cheesy, I know. But aren’t all these sorts of puns on tags a bit like a bad dad-joke? I was raised by one of the master dad-jokers, so I guess it only makes sense that some of it rubbed off on me. If you like a cheesy pun and love your kid’s teacher, then this might be good appreciation gift for you to give too! So find out their favorite cookies and slap this tag on a box of those bad-boys.

You will find a link to the printable PDF file below. There are three to a sheet (since you probably have multiple teachers you appreciate) and they are meant to be cut out along the thin black lines. A vacant space is left below the text so that your child can write a message and/or sign it. And remember, academic teachers aren’t the only ones we need to appreciate. These are great for coaches, tutors, religious teachers, joy school teachers, etc. Think outside the box and enjoy sharing this free printable with all the teachers you appreciate!

Download Here

Yay! You made it to the download! Thanks for visiting my page and please share, post, pin, and shout from the roof tops how much you love the free goodies from this website (even if it does get a bit "kookie" at times)!

Here you go!

Happy Teacher
Appreciation Week!

Click Me!

Mint Oreos are my weakness, what cookie is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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Free Father’s Day Tag- “Eat, Drink, and be Hairy”

Megan : April 19, 2017 8:59 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Printables, Silhouette, Uncategorized

Eat, Drink, and be Hairy Tag


PDF Tags and SVG file versions!

It’s time again to dedicate a whole day to all the awesome dads in our lives! Dads can be tricky to shop for, but then again, so can moms. I heard something a while ago that has made me approach Father’s Day and Mother’s Day a bit differently than I have in the past. “These days are about the children, not Mom and Dad.” When you think about it, that really makes a lot more sense than a mom or dad wondering what service or gift they will receive. (That’s what birthdays are for, right?) These days are not about us, they are all about the children finding special ways to show us how much they love their mom and dad. It is a chance for kids to showcase those adorable handprints in one-of-a-kind art and present you with something they thought you might love because they really, really care about you! So here is a gift idea that keeps the kids in mind as much as the dad…

This printable “Eat, Drink, and be Hairy” Father’s Day tag obviously comes with a vague direction to head in with gifts. But, it is great because there are so many items you can include in the gift bundle that will personalize it and make sure that Dad and the kids have a great time together (fake mustaches are a must). So, if you are looking to skip the new tie and “#1 Dad” mug this year, well this post just might be for you! I did these bundles a few years ago and included IBC Root Beer, some beef jerky, a pack of fake mustaches, and a couple of personalized knick-knacks. It was pretty simple and affordable enough to put some together for the grandpas too. The kids had a great time playing around with the mustaches and drinking some soda with the men they look up to most in life.

If you think this is something a dad (and a grandpa or two) in your life might love, read on for a variety of ideas of what else you might include. You will find the link to the free PDF download at the bottom of the page. An SVG version is also available down there to use with your Silhouette or Cricut.


Everyone likes to eat, so go wild with this. An easy go to snack for a man’s gift basket is beef jerky. You can add a Slim Jim, his favorite candy bar, maybe a Big Hunk. Just pick whatever sort of food or treat the Dad in your life prefers. My kids usually choose a package of Oreos for their dad, because they know he will share!

(Megan Alayne is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees (at no extra cost to you) by advertising and linking to


This part of the gift can be pretty versatile too. You can go with an actual drink for Dad; Mountain Dew, a protein drink, Gatorade, his favorite beer, whatever he is partial to. Or if you are looking for a Father’s Day gift that Dad can actually share with the little ones you can include something like a six pack of IBC Root Beer and they will all love it!
(Note: Beverages will be a lot cheaper in your local grocery store than online.)

Be Hairy

Here are a few ideas of items to stick in your bundle for the “be hairy” part of things. Mustache/beard comb, a beard shaper, fake mustache sets (these are really for the kids), or my husband’s favorite beard softener ever…Cremo. It seriously makes his beard the softest, it’s worth every penny!

Don’t have a hairy man? Consider signing him up for a program like The Dollar Shave Club (you can print off a gift certificate), or including replacement heads for whatever razor he currently uses along with some shaving cream and/or aftershave.

Download Here!

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Want an SVG version? Here ya go!


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Free Spongebob SVG

Megan : April 13, 2017 6:35 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Silhouette, Vector

Spongebob Painting
This is NOT the SVG
Remember in that first post when I told you that I love traditional art forms too? Here is an oil painting from about seven years ago, this was the fourth time I had worked with oils. Our assignment was to choose a small object and paint it in detail. While most of the class was painting paperclips and pushpins, I chose Lego Spongebob.

All About Bob

I used to love SpongeBob SquarePants! Now that I’m a little older and more (ahem) mature…I don’t delight in watching SpongeBob as I once did. But, now I have a few kids of my own and they have discovered him, so the love of SpongeBob is alive and well again in my home. And though maybe I should, I do not censor their SpongeBob watching. Uncle Grandpa on the other hand, is one show that is not allowed in my house. Do you have any cartoons you ban from your house? If SpongeBob is one of them, please…don’t tell me.

Funny little story about the recent resurrection of SpongeBob over here at my place… my five year old has horrible morning breath and he is always so offended when no one wants to snuggle up close to him in the mornings. Well, the very first episode of Spongebob is all about bad breath. Patrick and Spongebob think they have “the ugly” and so no one wants to be their friends. Actually though, they just have horrendous breath from a stinky sundae that Spongebob created. Once they clean the stink out of their mouths, everyone wants to be friends with them again. My son always brushes before morning snuggles now. So, it turns out Spongebob really can teach your kids useful lessons about life!

Anyways, back to my initial purpose for this post. This file actually came into existence because my teenage sister needed my help making a unique shirt (like six years ago). She asked me to create a SpongeBob-meets-Batman type logo, which is funny because it is also something my five year old son would ask for now. So, I made the shirt way back then and the file has been getting dusty in the deepest darkest corners of my eight-year-old MacBook. I’ve dug him up and here he is in all his vector glory, ready to be slapped on a shirt in heat transfer vinyl or maybe just turned into a good old fashioned sticker. Whatever you like!

Free Bat-Sponge SVG File

This little download button is what you are here for, right?

Here I am!

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Free Children’s Color Sorting Activity Page and Basic Busy-Book Tutorial

Megan : April 5, 2017 12:27 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Silhouette

Free Children’s Color Sorting Activity Page and Basic Busy-Book Tutorial

Little kids love these activity pages and so do I! I love idea of the fabric quiet books, but if you take a quick look at them on Etsy, you’ll see that a completed book runs about $150. (I even saw one listed at $325 for 6 pages!) I credit these sellers for their creativity, awesome sewing skills, and mad patience for assembling these books, but with that price tag and their bulky nature I haven’t been able to justify buying my little ones a quiet book. I’m decent with a sewing machine and could make my own, but with three busy little people and a lack of passion for sewing, that isn’t going to happen. Plus, even if I assemble it myself, the cost still adds up fast and it is still too bulky for my liking. Another thing I’ve noticed is that there a lot of pages out there that have one simple task. Something like, put the camper in the tent. Boom! Two seconds and your child turns the page that took you two hours to assemble, plus the time for a shopping trip and supply costs. While they are adorable and provide an extremely tactile experience for kids, they just aren’t practical for our specific needs.

Since a traditional “quiet book” wasn’t going to work, I started searching for something that would. I wanted pages that are flat and will easily fit in a back-pack, form a cohesive set, and are aesthetically pleasing (since I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree this is a big deal to me). I also wanted activities that I could easily add to, that weren’t overly busy and confusing for children, that would teach my kids new skills and understanding, and something that I could easily replace missing or damaged pieces for at little or no cost. I guess my list of criteria was too long, because I could NOT find what I was looking for anywhere! I gave up the search and decided I would just make exactly what I wanted for my kids.

Now I don’t have to sew, iron, or glue anything! Just print and cut and they are ready to keep the little ones busy for hours while helping them learn. I also love that we can slip these in a binder and tuck them in our day bag to keep the kids busy at church, in the car, or visiting friends/family who don’t have the most child-friendly houses. In order to make ours last as long as possible before printing again, I opted to print them on cardstock and laminate them in 3mil pouches. I have a Silhouette Cameo 3 and used that to cut out all of the pieces that go with the pages, so the only time I touched a pair of scissors was to trim them after lamination. (Go to the very bottom of the page if you’d like the print and cut file too.)

I’ve seen activity pages where people stick velcro to key spots on the pages as well as the back of each piece. This works great, but leaves unsightly white spots all over your pages. I prefer to laminate everything and use removable sticky dots or putty to secure the pieces temporarily. If you put them in a binder, you can stick the pieces to the back of the page before the one to work on. Another option is to just stick the pages in sheet protectors or simply hole punch them to put in a binder and then put pieces in envelopes or bags. Just go with whatever system works best for you and your little one.

(Megan Alayne is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees (at no extra cost to you) by advertising and linking to

These are a couple of options for sticky dots. I have only ever used the Elmer’s permanent glue dots because I already had them on hand from another project. I found that they were initially a bit too sticky to move from page to page easily. But if you stick them to the piece and then stick it to your shirt (or arm) a couple times, it gets rid of enough of the stickiness to make it the perfect tackiness to stick on the pages, but still be moved easily. Kind of silly, I know, but I was working with what I had on hand so we’ll just call it “resourcefulness.”

Color Sorting Activity Page

Cut the shapes out and have your child practice color recognition and sorting. Kids love the tactile nature of these pages.

Why do I love these pages?

  • Spatially Friendly

    Flat pages make it easy to store them in a folder or binder and to take on the go.

  • Low Cost

    You won’t have to trade your firstborn child in order to fund a fun activity book for their siblings.

  • Reusable

    These aren’t activity pages your child does once and then they are no good, they can be used again and again and again and again and….

  • Replaceable

    If any of the pieces or pages get lost or damaged (which they will, because… kids), you can just print more.

  • Cute and Cohesive

    These pages clearly go together. The illustrated objects can easily be used from page to page when your child feels creative and they still match.

  • Easy To Add To

    It’s super easy to slip new pages to your child’s busy book. (Be on the look out for the Body Pack coming soon!)

  • Straightforward Tasks

    There is nothing confusing about the activity on each page. Even a child can figure them out! (But that’s kind of the point.)

  • Great Bonding Time

    Some skills and learning pages require more time to master, this is where you come in. To get the most out of the pages, teach and bond with your child, especially if they aren’t reading quite yet.

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"Give me the Freebie!"

Alright, now that you've made it through all that, here is the link to your free PDF download! Test out this page and see if your child enjoys this type of activity. Happy color sorting!

Download Here
Visit the shop for lots more
activity pages like this!

Have access to a Silhouette Cameo?

If you have a Silhouette machine or access to one (some public libraries have them for use) and don’t want to cut the pages by hand, I have created .studio3 files for that. They are set up and ready to go for the print and cut feature. It will save you oodles of time and look nice to boot! Click below to access the print and cut file for this color sorting page. You will still need to download the PDF above for the main page, this .studio3 file only includes the page of pieces to cut out.

Get The .studio3 File For This Page


Free Box Tops School Contest Poster

Megan : March 30, 2017 4:22 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Vector

we've earned
box tops

Don't forget your box tops!

I designed collection posters for our local schools and would love to share them with yours too. Take a look…

Eight different assets to choose from!

  • Resize to your school's needs.

    That’s the beauty of vector files.

  • Personalize year-to-year

    Make temporary class names to stick below each column.

  • Reusable

    Laminate your poster and use the included bars to stick to the graph.

Three different schools in my area needed posters to measure students’ progress at gathering Box Tops. Because of their different needs, there are three posters with different numbers of columns available. These were all different dimensions of posters, but since they are vector files, you can easily resize them to your needs. Each file includes eight different assets to add to your poster. Make sure to leave a gap below the graph and your assets in order to add the teacher names for each column.



You can choose your own fonts or find the fonts I used here:

Pointy Font

Scribble Scrawl Font

Amatic Font


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Download here. Zip files include .ai and .eps versions.

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Free Vector Pac-Man Game Screen

Megan : March 30, 2017 1:19 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Silhouette, Vector

“the game with the little bald guys who fight the ghosts”J

I created this vector Pac-Man file per the request of my five year old son, who loves “the game with the little bald guys who fight the ghosts.” He was dying for a Pac-Man t-shirt, so here we are! I created it using a smattering of heat transfer vinyl colors and pressing it in multiple layers. This shirt was definitely a labor of love, but it turned out great and we have a happy boy, so it was well worth it!

You’ll notice that J’s shirt is slightly different that the linked file. I let him choose the path that Pac-Man had eaten through as well as the score and the number of lives. (He chose 500 because he is five years old and six lives because he’ll be turning six soon.)

Little side note… I realized later that since Pac-Man had just eaten one of the large dots that (realistically) the ghosts should have changed color, but we decided that since he just barely chomped down on it, it makes the scene that much more dramatic because it’s on the edge of change!

File Info

The font name for the score and lives is “BM space A9” and can be found free for personal use on multiple sites.

If you share this file, please refer your friends back here for the download. Do not sell this file or products made from it as Pac-Man is a trademark.

This will download as a zipped file containing .ai, .eps, .svg, and a .studio3 file for those of you wanting this for use with your Silhouette machine. Get inspired and share your variations and creations with me. I’d love to see what you come up with by using this file!

Download Pac-Man Files

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Stay tuned for lots more freebies! I’ve been designing for years and have just now started a blog, so there are lots more files dying to meet the world!

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Lingo Official Wife (Free)

Megan : March 30, 2017 12:37 pm : Free, Freebie, MeganAlayne, Silhouette, Vector

Johnny Lingo is a short video I grew up watching on a regular basis. It’s got a great message about self-worth and the value of the individual. If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it and then you will understand the significance of this freebie file. If you have seen it, scroll past the link below and read on.

Johnny Lingo

"Johnny Lingo bargains his dowry for a bride, paying an exorbitant dowry and causing a sensation on the island. Being an expert trader, he knows the value of things—especially self-esteem."

Watch it Here

When my husband and I decided it was time for us to get married, he prepared for the nerve-wracking talk with my parents. Things moved pretty quickly in our relationship, so he was a little nervous to already be telling my parents that he intended to marry me. To lighten the mood, he brought along eight, small, stuffed, mooing cows to offer in exchange for my hand. My parents accepted and so, like Mahana, I became an eight cow wife. Eight years later and I found myself wanting to create a unique shirt for myself and these are what I came up with.

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Get the Files Here

Download the .svg and .eps files here and show me what you create with them!

Ready to Create?

If you share this file, please refer your friends back here for the download. DO NOT sell this file or products made from it.

Make Me an Eight Cow Woman!

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