Free Christmas SVGs 2017

I’m happy to say that the 2017 Christmas designs are finally here! As with all of my seasonal designs, I create them with printable for wall galleries in mind, but I always share the SVG versions too. And when you have the vector versions, the possibilities for applications are endless! One very popular crafting project right now that will work more »

Free Halloween SVG Files

Usually, when I release new seasonal printables, I also share them as SVG files. I love the versatility of SVG files, and I love seeing what you, the creative people of the internet, can come up with to do with them! ┬áVector graphics are great for invitations, t-shirts, cups and mugs, bags, notebooks, and on and on. They are easy more »

“I’m With Her” Free Statue of Liberty Illustration

Internet friends, my three-year-old is OBSESSED with the Statue of Liberty. He carts around a small replica of her all over the place. We went to a playgroup at the park today and once we got there, guess what I found stashed away in the basket of his little sister’s stroller. Yup, he had helped Lovely Lady Liberty stow away. more »

Free Patriotic Printables

Share the Patriotism It is just about time for us to celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. That means it’s time for me to temporarily switch out those framed summer printables for more relevant ones. I have one patriotic print that I’ve used for the last few years, but it was a subway art style print that I didn’t love more »

Free Vector Summer Designs

This is for all of my fellow artsy-craftsy people out there with access to vinyl cutting machines. The summer prints I created are cute and functional by themselves, but think of all the things you can do with the vector version in your hands! Have at it and please share photos of your creations with me, I love to see more »

Free Spongebob SVG

I used to love SpongeBob SquarePants! Now that I’m a little older and more (ahem) mature…I don’t delight in watching SpongeBob as I once did. But, now I have a few kids of my own and they have discovered him, so the love of SpongeBob is alive and well again in my home. And though maybe I should, I do more »

Free Box Tops School Contest Poster

I designed collection posters for our local schools and would love to share them with yours too. Take a look… That’s the beauty of vector files. Make temporary class names to stick below each column. Laminate your poster and use the included bars to stick to the graph. Three different schools in my area needed posters to measure students’ progress more »

Free Vector Pac-Man Game Screen

I created this vector Pac-Man file per the request of my five year old son, who loves “the game with the little bald guys who fight the ghosts.” He was dying for a Pac-Man t-shirt, so here we are! I created it using a smattering of heat transfer vinyl colors and pressing it in multiple layers. This shirt was definitely more »

Lingo Official Wife (Free)

Lingo Stamp

Johnny Lingo is a short video I grew up watching on a regular basis. It’s got a great message about self-worth and the value of the individual. If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it and then you will understand the significance of this freebie file. If you have seen it, scroll past the link below and read on. more »